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UMT360 v5.10 – Cumulative Update 10

We’re pleased to announce the availability of UMT360 v5.10 – Cumulative Update 10 (CU10). Cumulative Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.

  • New features and significant enhancements
    • UMT360 My Resources: adds the ability for Resource Owners to manage individual assignments of all resources they are responsible for
    • Added the ability to reassign work from one resource to another
    • Added calculated Resource Dimensions to display time-phased work variance: Planned vs. Committed and Actuals vs. Committed
    • Roadmap Tracking Icons: added visual indicators that help track milestone status and interdependencies within UMT360 Roadmaps
  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • Fixed issues when setting the Timeline Start Date/End Date to a non-working day after resetting the execution of a project
    • Fixed issue with UMT360 Update Entity Timelines jobs failing while using specific locales (regional settings)
    • The View Total column is now governed by the order set for the Financial Custom Fields
    • Number of decimals displayed for financial values is no longer trimmed when Currency Symbol is not in use
    • Fixed issue with the Timeline End Date not reverting to its original value when deleting or rejecting a Change Request
    • Change Request approval no longer requires projects to be checked-in unless Custom Fields are included with that Change Request
    • Fixed issue with Financial Custom Field values not being saved when Change Requests were not enabled
    • Fixed issue with inaccurate Change Request approver lists when using comma as a name separator
    • Fixed issues that occurred when disabling Change Requests for existing entities in execution
    • Fixed issue with changing the Enterprise Financial Type properties from Budget Only to Budget, Actuals and Forecast
    • Automatic Snapshots triggered by Stage Transitions are now  executed even if the UMT360 Project Instance has not yet been created
    • Fixed issue with financial values not being updated when integrating with Resource Plans and updating a resource assignment with 0h
    • Fixed issue with financial and work values not being properly updated when using the Edit Values only through Project Server Synchronization option
    • Synchronize Entity Project Plan queue job no longer fails when publishing a Project Plan that has a task assigned to a resource with its Cost Type value mapped to lower levels in the financial hierarchy
  • Resource Management
    • Resources are now added to Build Team when the project is checked-out
    • Fixed issue with the Sync Provider Assignments queue job not waiting for Project Publish, and causing values not to be displayed in the Project Integration pop-up
    • Default values of Assignment Fields are now displayed in OData.AssignmentFieldValues view upon the first assignment being saved
    • Improved handing of recurring calendar exceptions
    • Availability is now recalculated when changing the Resource Timeline via Crop/Redistribute or when performing a Copy to Dimension action
    • Fixed issue with financial values being imported from the Resource Plan while using specific locales (regional settings)
    • Fixed grouping when using Assignment or Resources Fields of type Flag
    • Fixed grouping when using Resource Fields of type Text with the Allow multiple values to be selected from lookup table option enabled
    • Added the ability to search for resources using Custom resource fields in Add Resources popup
  • Data Exchange
    • Fixed issue with creating entities and importing values at the same time
    • Entire Project no longer needs to be inserted in the input file in order to import to Entire Timeline granularity
    • Updated status of the import operations to better reflect unsupported update scenarios
    • Fixed issue with importing values in multiple financial nodes for projects using Identifier column for Nodes and Allocation Centers
    • Fixed issue with not being able to reach Step 3 of the Data Exchange process, when using and updating a Data Exchange Template with additional mappings
    • Values are now imported when using a Custom Field as Entity Identifier and the import file contains a space character after the identifier value
    • Added a more relevant error message in Import Entity Data queue error details when a Custom Field cannot be updated due to a value mismatch
    • Improved performance when using a large number of columns in the import file
  • Jira Integration
    • Resources from Project no longer require a login account in order for them to be synchronized with the Assignee Jira Field
    • The Project Name value is no longer updated when manually synchronizing projects from Microsoft Project to Jira
    • Assignee field is no longer cleared when Tasks are synchronized from Microsoft Project
    • Fixed issue with the Provision Connector queue job failing when connecting to a JIRA Server running version 7.4.x or older
    • Fixed issue with the Sync Connector Concepts queue job failing when attempting to bring an empty value from a Text Custom Field to the Description Field in Jira
  • Other
    • Fixed issue with Workflow Viewer displaying the incorrect workflow chart for projects having PWA URL set as site address
    • Enterprise Custom Fields are no longer validated when creating an Enterprise Association based on a SharePoint Field
    • Multiple Entity Details web parts can now be added to the same UMT360 Form of type New
    • Entity Start Date and Entity End Date out of the box fields are now populated correctly in Portfolio Center views and in Entity Details web parts
    • Entity Details web part no longer validates required SharePoint Fields and Columns that are hidden
    • Fixed issue with generic error message and ribbon buttons being disabled when adding an invalid date in Entity Details web part
    • Timeline can now be updated on existing entities, after addressing gaps in the definition of existing Fiscal Periods
    • Fixed issue with Stage Transitions not being executed when multiple consecutive submits firing Sync Remote Entity queue jobs are executed in a short period of time
    • Improved performance in Entity Settings page when having thousands of users in SharePoint groups
    • Values from calculated Currency fields are now rolled up and formatted correctly in Portfolio Center views
    • Update Breakdown Fields Values for Reporting queue job no longer fails when updating values on a Subtraction Financial Breakdown
    • Fixed error in UMT360 Roadmap web part when the timeline of the Entity is not set and the Roadmap Template uses any other option than Use the Start and End Date of the Entity as the default Date Range
    • Added the ability to edit the Description field of UMT360 Milestones that are synchronized with the Project Plan
    • Improved handling of non-working day variance calculation between the Actual Date and the Planned Date of a milestone
    • Values are now correctly saved and displayed in UMT360 Fields web part when using Default and Available Values outcome dependencies between Custom Fields
    • Added the ability to reverse the status of a Milestone from Completed to Planned by using the Unlock ribbon button
    • The Planned Date of a Milestone is now read-only when the Milestone status is Active or Completed
    • When UMT360 Milestones are synchronized from Project Schedule and their Percent Complete is set to 100%, users are now able to set them all as Completed without Locking them first

Visit the UMT360 Product Version History page for version details.

Customers and Partners can download CU10 via the online portals on www.umt360.com.


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