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UMT360 Revolutionizes Portfolio Management

UMT’s product group, UMT360, is pleased to announce the release of its most ambitious product offering to date. UMT360 revolutionizes portfolio management by providing comprehensive, integrated solutions to help companies gain financial transparency and dramatically improve investment decisions across their projects, products and asset portfolios.

UMT360 CEO Mike Gruia commented, “UMT360 is the culmination of five years of development work and is unprecedented in its scope, breadth and engineering.  This product will transform the way companies manage their business and technology architecture and provide them with a vehicle for having more informed conversations, making better decisions, and ultimately, increasing their ROI.”

UMT360 changes the strategic portfolio management landscape by now providing businesses with a way to view their portfolio in its entirety, a complete perspective, and easily retrieve up-to-date data and metrics needed to make the most informed and effective investment decisions.  Just last year, analysts stated in Gartner’s Market Definition for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis* report that businesses were “discovering that there is no data-sharing platform that all IT managers can use to unify the disparate financial, project, asset and operations views stakeholders need to communicate across IT silos.”

UMT360 for IT solves that problem combining application, project and service portfolio management  capabilities with financial management best practices to deliver a powerful solution which provides complete  transparency, the ability to rationalize costs and make smarter IT investment decisions.  UMT360 for PPM bridges the gap between the worlds of finance and PPM to automate the entire capital  planning process and drive complete financial transparency to help stakeholders make smarter investment  decisions. By standardizing financial controls across the investment planning lifecycle, UMT360 for PPM  helps improve budgeting and estimating, automate funding approvals and track financial performance to  ensure you maximize ROI from your strategic initiatives.

For more information, contact UMT360 today at sales@umt360.com.