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UMT360 for SharePoint 2013 – Cumulative Update 7

We are pleased to announce the release of the UMT360 for SharePoint 2013 (UMT360 v4.1) – Cumulative Update 7 / CU7. Cumulative Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.

  • Core financial capabilities
    • Changed behavior to not update Financial Custom Field values when financial values are overwritten by Actuals
    • Altered behavior for the Submit button for Actuals to also force-save
    • Reset values for mapped Custom Fields when the Execution state is reset for a project
    • Improved behavior for Copy Actuals/Forecast to Budget for past/future periods when granularities are different
    • Removed stage validation that requires a Financial Timeline to be set for an Enterprise Financial Type that reaches Execution when financials values are not in used
  • Other
    • Resolved a number of issues with configuration for Views, Surveys, Relationships not being updated correctly when using the Import / Export Settings option
    • Addressed problems with the SharePoint farm backup / restore process where an UMT360 site would not be restored properly
    • Fixed UI refresh issue when using Fiscal Calendars and the Timeline is changed
    • Resolved issue with width settings for Financial Custom Fields being applied to all Financial Custom Fields rather than just the selected one
    • Resolved issues with the Is hidden condition not working properly for a multiple-line text field under specific conditions
    • Improved Queue cleanup reliability for jobs that are no longer supposed to be executed (cancelled, obsolete, etc.)
    • Improved logging for the Financial Timeline change operation
  • API and Programmability
    • Modified the Get-UMT360WebInstance method to return all UMT360 extensions if the SiteCollectionUrl parameter is not set
    • Added new public API method (ReadBreakdownValues) which allows reading Financial Breakdown values by project
    • Added new public API method (UpdateInstanceCurrency) which allows changing the default currency for a project programmatically

Visit the UMT360 Product Version History page for version details.

Customers and Partners can download CU7 via the online portals on www.umt360.com.

Thank you,
The UMT360 Team