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Cumulative Update 1 (CU1) for UMT360

UMT360 is pleased to announce the release of the UMT360 Cumulative Update 1 (CU1).
This update includes a number of improvements in:

Performance and Reliability

  • Improved queue reliability and consistency when processing changes such as removing or changing level for nodes on large financial structures
  • Addressed issues with intermittent registration of the Resource-related events (onChange, onDelete)
  • Significantly improved load and save performance for financial grids

Core Financial Concepts

  • Added the ability to combine Project Server Custom Fields and Intrinsic Fields for the Financial Timeline start and end date
  • Additional warning on the consequences of changing calendars between Standard and Fiscal
  • Addressed issue with a new reporting period being opened when using Close Financial Status Periods even when the Automatic Progression to Next Period option was unchecked

Data Import

  • Removed requirement for time stamp to be set to 23:59:59 when using the StartDataImport() API method
  • Addressed issues with sequences of comma characters (,) not being properly handled
  • Projects with an empty value for the Custom Field used as an unique identifier are now skipped without additional errors being logged

Project Fields web part

  • Improved error handling when Custom Fields are deleted without being removed from existing dependencies
  • Improved condition evaluation when using the is less than or equal operator and when using multiple Custom Fields based on Lookup Tables
  • Addresses issues with custom labels being read-only outside the context of an Enterprise Project Type, and with missing custom labels for the Project Departments Custom Field
  • Fixed handling of SharePoint validations when using a choice drop-down column with special characters
  • Fixed handling of Dependencies and Validations when using special characters as part of the Name field, or when using Custom Fields of type Date
  • Overall reliability improvements for Dependencies and Validations under various configurations

Workflow Visualization web part

  • Addressed rendering issues with connecting arrows and text at the bottom of the visual diagram, or at small screen resolutions


  • Improved parameter validation for the ReadFinancialValuesForProject() method


  • Addressed issues with inconsistent behavior on using an entity as part of multiple relationships
  • Fixed storage for project names to properly save up to 255 characters, from the previous limit of 50
  • Improved translation for Actuals and Forecast in the German language pack
  • Fixed the additional details hyperlink in the Change Request or Workflow Approval email notifications
  • Added the Review Workflow Stage permission to the UMT360 Financials (Legacy) module

UMT360 recommends customers test CU1 in a test environment based on your production environment before taking it live.  CU1 can by downloaded on the partner and customer portal available at www.UMT360.com.

Visit the version history page for version details.