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UMT360 Client Showcases Solution At Business Architecture Innovation Summit

UMT360 client Cargill will present at the 10th Annual Business Architecture
Innovation Summit
on Thursday, March 24, 2022, at 3:55 pm EDT, discussing the different ways the company performs and utilizes assessments they generate using UMT360’s Enterprise Connect solutions.

Due to the complexity of their business environment, Cargill requires business capability
assessments at multiple levels, by function, enterprise, region, country, business group and
individual business. These assessments record business capability maturity, notes and rationale, and current and future state performance values for people, process, data and technology.

Assessment types being discussed will include:

  • Enterprise-wide assessment of critical and strategic capabilities,
  • Pre-deployment assessments to measure business readiness for ERP implementation
  • Strategy assessments for critical services that identify gaps and opportunities for major initiatives.

UMT360’s Vernon Smith will also be on hand at the presentation to provide insight into how Cargill leverages UMT360’s powerful business architecture software to develop highly consumable assessment dashboards to provide strong visual illustration of current and target maturity states, which often serve as input to the Cargill strategy document. Regularly performed assessments demonstrate how change occurs over time. Read more about business architecture here.

There will also be a Business Architecture Vendor Panel which Vernon will participate in on March 23, 2022, at 4:00 pm EDT. The event is available both in person in Reston, Virginia and virtually.

Hubie Sturtevant