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TIME Analysis & APM

An important part of Application Portfolio Management (APM) is creating a strong inventory of information and leveraging powerful business intelligence and analytic capabilities to help identify transformation alternatives and make decisions in terms of which applications to maintain, invest in, enhance or retire. A comprehensive analysis will help identify under-performing applications, redundancies within the portfolio and highlight applications which may be costly and a poor fit.

One of the analysis techniques used to assist with application decisions is the TIME Analysis as defined by Gartner. “Business Fit” resides on the X axis and “Risk” on the Y axis. Each quadrant within the view represents a different decision. An application in the top left is one you can “tolerate”, the top right is “invest”, the lower right is “migrate” and the lower left will be applications to consider “eliminating.” These metrics help businesses form broad-based application decisions to increase the value they’re getting from the application portfolio.

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