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The Difference Between Project and Product-Based PPM

A move is on to shift from project to product-based thinking which allows a business to focus on aligning investments with business drivers and adjust to quick shifts in the marketplace.  A buzz really started when Gartner addressed the topic in a Matthew Hotle and Bill Swanton report which came out in November 2013.

UMT360, which has an Enterprise Portfolio Management solution helping businesses digitalize investment planning and controls, has been speaking with our customers about the shift and its ability to help businesses thrive.  We use the chart below to highlight some of the differences between project and product-based PPM.  To learn more about how the approaches differ and steps organizations should take to make the shift, check out UMT360 CEO Mike Gruia’s white paper Should You Shift from a Project to Product-Based Investment Approach or contact UMT360 today.