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Survey Results Hint At Big Challenges for IT Transformation

A big thanks to all the attendees of the IT Portfolio Management Conference in Chicago who stopped by the UMT360 booth. The event was a fantastic opportunity to connect with IT leaders looking to transform how they manage enterprise IT investments.

Many of the folks who stopped by the UMT360 booth participated in our 2014 IT assessment survey. It was a quick and fun survey that measured responses on a scale ranging from “I have No Idea” to “We’re Awesome!” This survey was designed to help provide a sense of how IT leaders see their own organization’s development and transformation especially as it relates to these five principles of Enterprise Portfolio Management.

The results of the survey suggest that there’s ample opportunity for IT organizations to improve their portfolio management capabilities.  The vast majority of respondents reveal some insights into the very real challenges facing most IT organizations, including:

  • Almost 90% of respondents felt that their organization was no better than Just Average when it comes to integrating portfolios & strategy and having financial transparency across project, application, IT service portfolios. In fact, almost 50% admitted that their capabilities in these two critical areas were Not Good. Only 6% claimed their organizations were Good or Awesome.
  • The results were little better when it came to the question of how well organizations are planning, analyzing & synchronizing roadmaps, with over 85% admitting they’re either Just Average or Not Good. About 15% rated their organizations as Good or Awesome for this capability.
  • When it comes to instituting integrated investment planning and controls to improve project execution & ROI, about 82% fell into the Just Average or Not Good category. Just over 9% felt their organizations capabilities here were either Good or Awesome.
  • And over 85% feel that they’re either Just Average or worse when it comes to using benefits realization management software to measure the performance of their IT investments, with almost 55% rating their organization as Not Good. About 9% rated their organizations as Good or Awesome when it comes to tracking their portfolio’s performance & results.

If you’re responsible for managing your organization’s IT investments, you may see a familiar trend in these statistics. Clearly, these survey results point to the fact that few organizations are truly managing their enterprise portfolios in a way that helps maximize ROI from each investment.

So what ideas and techniques can help transform the way organizations manage IT portfolios? What kind of tools and capabilities are you employing to help your organization move from I Have No Idea to We’re Awesome!?