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Senior Executives Focused on Growth and IT

Analyst firm Gartner has released the results of its 2014 CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey and it finds that growth is on the minds of executives.  A third of respondents ranked it as their top priority with IT also high on the list.   In Gartner’s announcement of the survey, vice president and Gartner Fellow Mark Raskino said CEOs talking about the increasing significance of technology-related change have to now move to invest in that insight.

“Make the tough choices. Be prepared to cut back in areas that represent the old predigital ways of doing business. But maintain a coherent and integrated view of the investment being made. Don’t allow too much fragmentation across sales, marketing, digital, IT and other budgets to obscure the view and reduce directional control,”  Raskino says in the announcement.

The survey has also revealed that CEO’s are looking to the CIO to guide the business’s digital transformation.  As they focus on growth and transformation and delivering value to their organization, CIOs are increasingly turning to Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) solutions which can help them make smarter investment decisions and drive top and bottom line performance.

Enterprise Portfolio Management helps them view assets and projects as business investments.  Smarter decisions about whether to invest are made possible when one understands the investment’s financial contribution, risks, and the business value they will deliver.  EPM brings together the IT and business portfolios so the organization has full transparency and visibility across assets.

In his latest white paper, IT Investment Digitalization – CIO Threat or Opportunity, UMT360 CEO Mike Gruia looks at IT investment digitalization, explores what it really means for today’s CIO and reveals three breakthrough Enterprise Portfolio Management digital business models.  Click here to download the white paper or click here to view a recent webinar Mike presented on IT Investment Digitalization.