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Roadmaps are the key to driving all transformation.

If your business doesn’t already produce some roadmaps, then you probably feel as though you should have them.  Because that’s what everyone seems to be been talking about – you have to have roadmaps, you can’t manage your business without roadmaps, roadmaps will unlock your strategic potential.  And on, and on, and on.

But when you listen to those people, or read those studies do you really understand how roadmaps are going to help your business?  Probably not, because most of them are long on concept and short on relevance.  Which is why we felt the need to do a blog post on roadmaps, because they are important, but knowing how to leverage them to improve your business is what really matters.

Understanding the six degrees of separation

Fundamentally, successfully delivering digital business transformation is an exercise in managing dependencies.  Understanding how work in one area impacts other areas of the business and preparing for that impact to optimize performance and minimize disruption.  To do that effectively every time requires you to understand all of those dependencies, and that’s where roadmaps come in.

When done right, roadmapping tools can provide you with a clearer understanding into the “six degrees of separation” between all investments.

But those dependencies aren’t limited to just technology, or just projects.  And they can’t be developed simply by manually connecting different roadmap elements and then dragging boxes around a screen.  That’s just visualizing a flawed manual approach.

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