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Release Announcement: UMT 360

We’re thrilled to announce the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) and General Availability (GA) of UMT 360, the latest iteration of our flagship product offering.

UMT 360 is the culmination of 5+ years of development that saw UMT’s product offering evolving from a financial add-on to Project Server (UMT Project Financial Server), to a comprehensive financial governance solution (UMT Project Essentials) and, today, to what Gartner considers a visionary and leading-edge IT Portfolio Management platform. UMT 360 provides leading Integrated Portfolio Management solutions to help companies gain financial transparency and improve investment decisions across their projects, products and asset portfolios. Existing customers can gain even more value from their Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server platform investments.

UMT 360 is unprecedented in its scope, breadth and engineering approach and it fully supports both Project Server (and SharePoint) 2010 and 2013.

Powerful solutions can be delivered using the UMT 360 platforms. When looking at UMT’s best in class Enterprise Project Portfolio Management offerings, the 360 release supports:

  • Standardizing financial controls & unifying disparate data
  • Improving budgeting & streamlining funding approvals
  • Tracking cost performance & managing change requests
  • Driving transparency & taking corrective action
  • Measuring results and driving improvements

UMT 360 also empowers leading Integrated IT Portfolio Management solutions with a focus on:

  • Connecting domains and managing one IT portfolio
  • Controlling 100% of IT budget & spend
  • Analyzing, collaborating & driving fact-based decisions
  • Communicating & executing transformation roadmaps
  • Measuring performance & taking corrective action

RTM is just a first milestone in a long and exciting journey. At this time we are providing a rich set of technical documentation, marketing and sales collaterals via the Customer and Partner Portals. A new, significantly improved Virtual Demo Image will be available for local installation and hosted over the next couple of weeks.

Visit the version history page for version details.