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Introducing UMT360 Apps for Microsoft PPM

There’s no question that Microsoft Project Online and Project Server are world-class PPM solutions. When implemented correctly, Microsoft’s PPM platform enables organizations to establish the solid foundation they need to manage project execution. But when it comes to extending capabilities beyond Microsoft’s core PPM features, organizations have historically relied on expensive and complicated customizations and work-arounds.

Isn’t there an easier way?

At UMT360, we know all about customizations and work-arounds. In fact, over the years, our expert consultants have helped a wide variety of clients customize their Microsoft PPM platform in order to give them capabilities they would otherwise be missing. All along, we knew there had to be a better way to help our clients get the additional PPM capabilities they need. The trick was doing so in a way that lets clients seamlessly leverage their current PPM platform investment.

Now there’s an app for that!

That’s why we’re so excited to now offer our clients UMT360 Apps for Microsoft PPM – a collection of powerful apps that address these specific areas of need:

Address the areas most important to you

Chances are, your Microsoft PPM platform is working pretty well. So you don’t need a whole new solution if you’re simply looking to add a key bit of functionality you may be missing. That’s what makes UMT360 Apps so powerful. Use them to light up the capabilities you need, without disrupting the rest of your PPM process that’s already working well. And since these apps integrate seamlessly within your PPM platform, you’ll have a hard time determining where Microsoft’s capabilities end and the extended capabilities delivered by UMT360 begin. Which means quick adoption for a more effective PPM process.

Quick, easy and affordable

And isn’t that the whole idea? UMT360 Apps for Microsoft PPM are specifically designed to make it easy to quickly add the capabilities you may be missing, without all the time and expense of risky customizations. Best of all, you get to select just the specific capabilities you need, whether you activate them one at a time, or prefer to upgrade your entire PPM process all at once. With UMT360’s agile approach and seamless integration, you get to decide what’s best to meet your organization’s specific needs.

We’re just getting started, how about you?

This first set of apps is only the beginning. We’ll soon be releasing more apps to address a wide variety of needs, so if the current list doesn’t have what you’re looking for, check back often as we continue to roll out new capabilities. Or, give us a holler, and we can discuss exactly what you need and help you determine which solution might work best for you. And of course, if you have any suggestions for specific apps for us to develop, please let us know in the comments.