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Cumulative Update 7 (CU7) for UMT Project Essentials 2010

Written by Alexandra Schiopu on July 11th, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Here’s the list of fixes and improvements included:

  • Reporting Infrastructure
    • Recurrent exceptions are correctly taken into consideration
    • Projects without a defined financial timeline or Cost Tree Template will no longer be processed by the reporting job
    • Corrected issues with Custom Field values not being copied over to the reporting database
    • Corrected issues with orphaned projects causing issues with the reporting job update
  • General performance improvements
    • Improvements on reading projects from Project Server
    • Significant performance improvements on the Project Server resource update handlers
  • Workflow
    • Reliability improvements on the Persistence and Events delivery infrastructure
    • Reliability improvements on the Optimizer Commit transition
    • Addressed web.config clean up issues on uninstalling UMT Project Essentials
    • Reliability improvements on workflow publish
    • Added the ability to deactivate approval notifications at the stage level
    • Added new event – OnBeforeApproval. Approvers are exposed as event arguments and can be overwritten
  • Data Import
    • General UI improvements on displaying progress and mappings
    • Added the ability to import date custom field values
  • Integration with Project Server
    • Added the ability to automatically synchronize schedule information on project publish
  • Other improvements
    • Fixed check-in/check-out issues on using the Benefit PDPs that could lead to a “Project out of date” error message
    • Addressed issues on accessing the UMT Project Essentials instance via SharePoint Central Administration when Site Collections are locked
    • Changed behavior to only overwrite opened Forecast periods when copying Budget
    • Changed behavior to ignore changes to data granularity once a projects enters an execution stage
    • Addressed issues with installing UMT Project Essentials on SQL Server 2005
    • Addressed locale issues with mapped Custom Field

Visit the version history page for version details.

Customers and Partners can download CU7 via the online portals on

UMT Project Essentials – Public Availability

Written by Alexandra Schiopu on November 29th, 2011 at 12:00 am

UMT Project Essentials is a significant release for the UMT family of products built on top of the Microsoft Project Server 2010 infrastructure. UMT Project Essentials is a major rebranding effort which merges the UMT Project Financial Server and UMT Workflow Designer platforms and adds new features and improvements. The setup can be run as a free upgrade for UMT Project Financial Server 2010 SP1 or newer (including CU1, CU2, CU3 or CU4) or as a new installation. UMT Project Essentials will be the baseline for future patches and service packs.

  • New features:
    • Data Import: a generic import from .csv wizard that  can be used for updating Project Server’s Custom Field values or UMT  Project Essentials financial structures
    • Link for exporting the Product IDs and Machine Keys to a .csv file to reduce activation-related administrator overhead
  • Rebranding
    • UMT Project Financial Server and UMT Workflow Designer have been rebranded to UMT Project Essentials, which will include two  separate SKUs: UMT Project Essentials (Std) and UMT Project Essentials Pro. For more details and functionality break-down visit
    • Unified product activation and license management
    • Workflow design capabilities are now accessible via the Project Essentials Settings portal using the View Workflows (UMT Project Essentials) and Edit Workflows (UMT Project Essentials Pro)
  • Improvements to the UMT Project Essentials workflow design capabilities
    • Major interface overhaul, including new shapes, ability to freely move stage icons on the screen and automatic drawing of transition arrows
    • New Ribbon option for Adding Multiple Stages
    • New dialog for automatically restarting affected projects when workflows are updated and republished
    • Ability to create new stage based on existing stage
    • Improvements on staying in current stage on transitions
  • UI/Display fixes
    • Current workflow name is now visible on the screen
    • Improvements to Finnish language pack
    • New global option for controlling the automatic mapping of financial values to Custom Fields. The option can be override at the EPT level
    • Improvements to Manage Stage Settings on creating transitions and validations
    • Display improvements for financial values when unchecking the Show currency symbol for financial values global setting
    • Improvements to handling EPTs with no workflows and without any stages
    • Improvements to displaying submitted actuals periods in Project Essentials Settings – Review Actuals
  • API
    • New public method for adding or changing the Cost Tree Templates to a project: Integration.UpdateInstanceCostTreeTemplate
    • New public method for updating actuals period status: Granularity.SetPeriodStatus
    • New event fired when an actuals period is submitted: OnActualWorkflowStarted
    • New event fired after the status of an actuals period has been changed: OnActualsPeriodStatusChanged
    • Added ProjectUid, StageUid, StageName to the existing StageValidating and StageTransition events
  • Other fixes
  • Better handling of host header mode
  • Various performance and reliability improvements

Version history:

  • UMT Project Essentials
    • RTM: 1.0.4729.100
  • UMT Project Financial Server 2010
    • RTM: 1.0.3023.1001
    • SP1: 1.0.3602.1000
    • CU1: 1.0.3825.1000
    • CU2: 1.0.4106.1000
    • CU3: 1.0.4322.1000
    • CU4: 1.0.4514.1003

Customers and Partners will be able to download all relevant installers and collaterals via the Customer and Partner portals on