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Gartner Market Guide Confirms Strategy Execution Requires The Right Tools.

Written by Hubie Sturtevant on December 17th, 2019 at 10:28 am

The most recent Gartner Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management features a simple but profound statement: “Strategy should always drive what we decide to do and how we decide to do it.” Take it from a company who has been saying essentially the same thing for years, that quote really nails it.

Strategy execution expertise

UMT360 is proud to once again be listed as a representative vendor in Strategy Execution Management Software, marking the second straight year of being included in this report. We’ve always said that organizations must stop simply executing projects and start managing strategy. This report does an excellent job of capturing many of those same recommendations we’ve been telling our clients since our inception.

Many of today’s businesses are looking for better ways to respond to the mandate from their executives to more effectively drive transformation. In the words of Gartner, “Creating strategic change requires making effective decisions, combined with agility, responsiveness and unimpeded multidirectional communication.” That’s exactly what our strategy execution management tools are designed to do.

The technology has caught up to the vision

The difference now, after all those years, is that the tools to help organizations get this done can now actually deliver on the vision. As Gartner recommends, ” Executing strategy requires tools connecting the shared objectives of business strategists and those executing the change and measuring true business value.”

We call that aligning execution with strategy, and it’s something we’ve preached since Gartner first coined the term “PPM” – which stands for project and portfolio management. This market guide is simply the logical extension of that long evolution, one that finally places emphasis on where it really belongs, that second “P” in PPM.

From project management to strategy execution

For organizations that have always focused on traditional project management – and who may have their hands full simply doing that – lofty terms like “transformation” and “strategy execution” might seem a bit out-of-reach. But with the advent of more powerful tools that provide the missing portfolio management, governance, resource management and roadmapping capabilities needed to adopt a more strategic mind-set, the task of moving from execution-orientated to a more strategic focus is actually something that any organization can now do.

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