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Strategic Portfolio Management – the answer to today’s business imperatives

Written by Ben Chamberlain on February 3rd, 2021 at 11:18 am

When Gartner starts talking about something, people typically listen.  And recently Gartner has been highlighting the importance of moving beyond the traditional project and portfolio management (PPM) approach to embrace the concept of Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM).  Broadly speaking, the idea behind SPM is that you manage all execution as if it is connected to your enterprise strategy – because it is.

SPM is about way more than simply managing execution

But SPM isn’t limited to just projects, and certainly not just to projects that use one or two formal approaches. It’s actually about managing everything you do – no matter how it’s executed – and ensuring that it all is being done to contribute to your overall strategic success.  The problem, at least until now, is that businesses haven’t been run that way.  Unless your top-down planning connects to all your portfolios – projects, programs and epics; assets; capabilities; etc. then you simply aren’t going to optimize your performance.

SROs and PMOs must go beyond execution to manage the business & IT assets they are transforming

So let’s talk about what’s really driving transformation

UMT360 provides solutions that help you implement SPM and accelerate the transformation of your business.  To support that, we’ve developed a proven VIC framework (visibility, insight, control) to deliver capability improvement roadmaps for your business.  This is at the core of everything we do to help clients drive transformation.  And we’d like to share it through a series of blogs that address the various elements and drivers of SPM.  In each one, we’ll explore the business imperatives that you are dealing with and explain how SPM can support you in delivering on those imperatives.

UMT360’s VIC (Visibility, Insight, Connect) is a best practice framework designed to help organizations master Strategic Planning & Execution to accelerate business transformation.

Many steps on the journey to strategic portfolio management

This blog series will examine the real challenges you face every day – multiple project delivery methods; the need for better, faster, more adaptable planning; the need to optimize your resources and to plan effectively for future resource needs; and many, many more.  We’ll demonstrate our understanding of how those challenges impact your ability to succeed and offer practical solutions that will both improve your situation today and help build a foundation for future growth and success.

Focused on the issues that impact you the most

We’ll focus on core premises of sound business management – governance that works without being oppressive, standardization that drives the ability to scale without restricting innovation, and budgeting that lets you retain control without hampering the ability to deliver.  We’ll help you focus on delivering value, and introduce you to new ways of analyzing that value to ensure you aren’t leaving opportunities on the table.

An approach designed to help you drive business transformation

We don’t pretend to understand your business better than you do, but we do understand strategy execution and we’ve been helping clients to improve that for many years.  Our Strategic Portfolio Management approach has been validated by Gartner’s acknowledgement of the importance of the discipline and now we want to share those concepts with you in the hope that we can help you to deliver ever better performance.

Connecting and aligning all execution with strategy is critical to driving growth and fueling a competitive advantage.

Our next post in this series will explore the most fundamental driver of SPM – the need to have total visibility across all of your organization.

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