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It’s Time To Automate Status Reporting & Variance Analysis

Written by Ben Chamberlain on July 6th, 2015 at 11:54 am


Part 3 in a series on how to extend the value of Microsoft Project Online & Project Server…
One the banes of today’s Project Management professionals is status reporting. It’s an important component of any PPM process. But’s it’s often a logistical nightmare that typically involves manual processes that suck valuable time away from more strategic activities. Data must be gathered and reconciled from disparate systems and then reports must be manually developed.

Microsoft Project Online and Project Server are great for execution-oriented needs. But there are critical business planning and controls missing from those solutions. This series of videos shows how adding these capabilities can unlock even more value from your organization’s Microsoft platform investment.

Couldn’t that time be better spent analyzing the portfolio, identifying issues and taking corrective action? But first, the multiple sources of project and financial data throughout the organization must be connected and centralized. Processes need to be streamlined. For many, that means complicated and sometimes expensive work-arounds and customizations.

What about a different approach, one the leverages the existing PPM solution? What would it take to transform Microsoft Project Online and Project Server to automate status reporting, streamline monthly financial closeouts and derive variance metrics to track project and program performance? Take a look at this approach, then let us know in the comments the tips and tricks you use to make status reporting just a little easier.

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