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Display People Pickers In Project Online

Written by Margaret Wallace MPM, MCP, MCTS on September 22nd, 2017 at 10:36 am

I’ve heard of lots of folks having issues displaying a People Picker in a Project Server web part. Well, good news, there’s a fix that I found recently in this article by James Boman, Use SharePoint people pickers on Project Server or Online PDPs.

The trick is using a JavaScript code snippet that allows you to turn any text field into a people picker. The article is a great resource for making a Project Server Enterprise Custom Field (ECF) a people picker on a Project Detail Page (PDP).

But there’s still one minor problem

The only caveat is that when using the Chrome browser to view the web part, it permanently deletes the stored JavaScript on the page. Once deleted, it stops working for any browser you use to view the web part, so you are unable to view or use the People Picker.

So here’s the solution

I discovered a little trick to add to the instructions from the article linked above, which allows the People Picker to work with the Chrome browser and prevents the JavaScript from disappearing from the web part page. To avoid this situation, here’s what you need to do:

  • Store the JavaScript in a text file using the (js) extension
  • Upload the file to a PWA document library or an Asset library
  • Capture the URL of the file using the file properties
  • Reference the file URL, in the Content Editor web part on the PDP page

You may also customize the JavaScript to allow multiple fields on a single page to use a People Picker — just remember to store the JavaScript in a document library for worry free results!





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