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UMT Project Essentials 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Written by Ben Chamberlain on November 5th, 2012 at 1:43 pm

We’re thrilled to announce the public availability of UMT Project Essentials Service Pack 1! SP1 includes significant performance, scalability and usability fixes across the product and is distributed as one package than can be used for both for new installations and upgrades from UMT Project Essentials 2010, as well as a patch that can be installed on top of UMT Project Essentials 2012 RTM or newer. SP1 includes the applicable fixes addressed by UMT Project Essentials 2010 CUs, up to CU8.

Here’s a summary of some of the changes to the end user experience introduced with SP1:

  • New features
    • Financial Custom Fields provide the ability to add custom columns (numeric, cost, text etc.) to the financial grids. This feature can be leveraged to enable a number of new scenarios. Simple example: adding a Comments column
    • Added the ability to Import and Export UMT Project Essentials 2012 Settings (similar to the Project Server Playbooks solution). This can be used for migrating environments and change management, backup/restore, and configuration documentation
  • Usability
    • Added the ability to copy Cost Center Templates
    • Labels for out-of-the box fields such as Name, Type, Department can now be customized per Enterprise Project Type (EPT)
    • Added the ability to dynamically filter out levels in the financial structure using the View Ribbon option. Setting cost center level allocation percentages has been moved under the Allocations Ribbon option
    • New global setting for defining a custom label that will be displayed for yearly granularities when fiscal calendars are used. Example: using ‘FY’ as the label will result in ‘FY2012’ being displayed instead of the default ‘2012’
    • Added the ability to deactivate workflow approval notifications by using the SuppressTaskNotifications flag (“Do not send tasks notifications”)
    • Added the option to select/override workflow stage Approvers in the Project Settings web part (this functionality exists in UMT Project Essentials 2010).
  • Project Server integration
    • Fixed issues with distributions of cost values by months being different in Project Pro and UMT Project Essential
    • Values are now updated correctly when proposed resources should not be synchronized
  • API and extensibility
    • New public method: GranularityReadPeriodsList
    • New event – OnBeforeApproval. This event can be used for extending the StageEnter method to programmatically overwrite approvers
    • New public methods: GetNumberOfWorkingDays and GetAvailableTimelineTranslations
    • Added the GranularityReadPeriodsList method to the Granularity Service Reference
    • Re-added method for updating the financial timeline (this method exists in UMT Project Essentials 2010)
    • The Project Essentials Settings page (FinancialCenter.aspx) is now extensible to provide a central hub for platform customizations
  • Setup, deployment and licensing
    • The workflow visualization web part can now be used in the Project Site, in addition to the Workflow Status page
    • Data serialized in the cmQueuedItems and cmOperationLog tables is now compressed to significantly reduce database grow over time
    • The UMT Project Essentials 2012 installer can be launched in silent mode
    • Addressed issues with UMT Project Essentials 2012 provisioning when using SQL Server 2005
    • Addressed issues on importing license activation information
    • The exported license file now includes partial Product Key information

Cumulative Update 8 (CU8) for UMT Project Essentials 2010

Written by Ben Chamberlain on October 1st, 2012 at 1:44 pm

Here’s the list of fixes and improvements included:

  • Performance
    • Reduced number of Update Custom Field queue transactions when updating financial values
    • Improved reliability of Update Custom Field queue jobs by waiting for the Project Server queue to complete jobs related to the current project
    • Significant performance improvements on scanning a large number of projects when using Data Import
    • Significant performance improvements on using the Settings for Project page
  • Cube
    • Custom field values are now correctly updated in the Cube when lookup tables are changed
  • Workflow
    • Added new tokens that can be used for building URLs in email notifications when alternate mappings are used
    • Approval tasks are no longer created for inactive users when submitting a stage that requires approval and is not integrated with the financial capabilities
  • Data Import
    • The Year dropdown selection is no longer used when the import period is Entire Project
    • Fixed Description for the Destination field in the first import step
    • Addressed issues with errors being logged when importing empty cells
    • Visual improvements to the financial node and cost center selection dialogs
    • Addressed issues with projects not being correctly identified when using a custom field of type number with values greater than 1000 as the unique identifier
  • Other
    • Fixed issue with Time Frame being set to NOT FOUND when upgrading from CU6 to CU7
    • Addressed error when changing granularity from Entire Project to Months with the start of end date being on a non-working day
    • Addressed issues with the financial timeline save for projects without a Financial Template assigned
    • Correctly update mapped custom field values when the timeline is changed and values are redistributed

Out-of-band Hotfix A for UMT Project Essentials 2012

Written by Alexandra Schiopu on September 24th, 2012 at 10:25 pm

An out-of-band hotfix that addresses issues with the in-place upgrade of UMT Project Essentials 2010 to UMT Project Essentials 2012 has been released on the UMT Customer and Partner Portals.

Scenarios addresses by the hotfix:

  • Projects in execution with no timeline defined for Benefits
    • If a 2010 instance being upgraded to 2012 includes projects in Execution that have a Benefit Template attached, but without a Benefit Timeline defined, the upgrade will fail
  • Projects using an Enterprise Project Type (EPT) for which the Project Essentials options are not properly configured
    • If a 2010 instance being upgraded to 2012 includes projects that initially had an EPT with Cost and Benefit Templates defined that has the Cost Template unassigned and the financial settings  not configured, the upgrade will fail

Installation steps:

  1. Install UMT Project Essentials 2012, without running SharePoint Products and Configuration Wizard
  2. Install the out-of-band Hotfix A
  3. Run SharePoint Products and Configuration Wizard

If Steps 1 and 3 have already been executed, applying the hotfix and re-running SharePoint Products and Configuration Wizard will resolve the issue as well.

Visit the version history page for version details.

Cumulative Update 7 (CU7) for UMT Project Essentials 2010

Written by Alexandra Schiopu on July 11th, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Here’s the list of fixes and improvements included:

  • Reporting Infrastructure
    • Recurrent exceptions are correctly taken into consideration
    • Projects without a defined financial timeline or Cost Tree Template will no longer be processed by the reporting job
    • Corrected issues with Custom Field values not being copied over to the reporting database
    • Corrected issues with orphaned projects causing issues with the reporting job update
  • General performance improvements
    • Improvements on reading projects from Project Server
    • Significant performance improvements on the Project Server resource update handlers
  • Workflow
    • Reliability improvements on the Persistence and Events delivery infrastructure
    • Reliability improvements on the Optimizer Commit transition
    • Addressed web.config clean up issues on uninstalling UMT Project Essentials
    • Reliability improvements on workflow publish
    • Added the ability to deactivate approval notifications at the stage level
    • Added new event – OnBeforeApproval. Approvers are exposed as event arguments and can be overwritten
  • Data Import
    • General UI improvements on displaying progress and mappings
    • Added the ability to import date custom field values
  • Integration with Project Server
    • Added the ability to automatically synchronize schedule information on project publish
  • Other improvements
    • Fixed check-in/check-out issues on using the Benefit PDPs that could lead to a “Project out of date” error message
    • Addressed issues on accessing the UMT Project Essentials instance via SharePoint Central Administration when Site Collections are locked
    • Changed behavior to only overwrite opened Forecast periods when copying Budget
    • Changed behavior to ignore changes to data granularity once a projects enters an execution stage
    • Addressed issues with installing UMT Project Essentials on SQL Server 2005
    • Addressed locale issues with mapped Custom Field

Visit the version history page for version details.

Customers and Partners can download CU7 via the online portals on

Announcing the public availability of UMT Project Essentials 2012

Written by Alexandra Schiopu on May 29th, 2012 at 10:30 pm

We are excited to announce the public availability of UMT Project Essentials 2012! Here’s a quick summary of the major new features and improvements:

UMT Project Essentials 2012 New Capabilities

The relevant download links have been added to the Customer and Partner portals.

Visit the version history page for version details.