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Demand better demand management

Has any executive ever complained that they had too few projects?  Most feel that they have way too many projects, and can never get them all completed.  Yet having failed to deliver 100 projects for each of the last ten years they’ll still happily approve another 100 projects next year in the hope that something will magically change.

But of course, nothing changes all by itself.  And to be fair, the problem isn’t necessarily an inability to deliver projects – or programs, products, epics, capabilities or anything else.  It’s really an issue of effective demand management.  Most organizations are trying to deal with the dual challenge of controlling the amount of demand and where it’s coming from, and the ability to analyze and prioritize that demand.  Effective strategic portfolio management (SPM), enables you to address both of those issues.

Ben Chamberlain

Ben Chamberlain is the Chief Product Officer and is responsible for the strategic direction and worldwide go-to-market activities for UMT360’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) software solutions. He is an accomplished enterprise software executive with more than a decade of experience of building innovative SPM solutions that have helped global 2000 companies drive business transformation and increase their business agility. Ben joined UMT in 2002 and was responsible for the in-market success of UMT Portfolio Manager which was acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Ben has a degree in Business and Sports Science from Surrey University (UK).