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Cumulative Update 8 (CU8) for UMT Project Essentials 2010

Here’s the list of fixes and improvements included:

  • Performance
    • Reduced number of Update Custom Field queue transactions when updating financial values
    • Improved reliability of Update Custom Field queue jobs by waiting for the Project Server queue to complete jobs related to the current project
    • Significant performance improvements on scanning a large number of projects when using Data Import
    • Significant performance improvements on using the Settings for Project page
  • Cube
    • Custom field values are now correctly updated in the Cube when lookup tables are changed
  • Workflow
    • Added new tokens that can be used for building URLs in email notifications when alternate mappings are used
    • Approval tasks are no longer created for inactive users when submitting a stage that requires approval and is not integrated with the financial capabilities
  • Data Import
    • The Year dropdown selection is no longer used when the import period is Entire Project
    • Fixed Description for the Destination field in the first import step
    • Addressed issues with errors being logged when importing empty cells
    • Visual improvements to the financial node and cost center selection dialogs
    • Addressed issues with projects not being correctly identified when using a custom field of type number with values greater than 1000 as the unique identifier
  • Other
    • Fixed issue with Time Frame being set to NOT FOUND when upgrading from CU6 to CU7
    • Addressed error when changing granularity from Entire Project to Months with the start of end date being on a non-working day
    • Addressed issues with the financial timeline save for projects without a Financial Template assigned
    • Correctly update mapped custom field values when the timeline is changed and values are redistributed