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Cumulative Update 6 (CU6) for UMT Project Essentials

Here’s the list of fixes and improvements included:

  • Data Import
    • The user locale is correctly considered in conjunction with the field separators
    • Addressed issue where the workflow stage selection was not always enforced
    • Addressed issues with importing projects that had a different EPT than the one selected
    • Better handling of negative values
    • Addressed pagination issues with large number of mapping
  • General performance improvements
    • Reporting job: processing only projects that are dirty; no additional PSI calls for projects with calendar exceptions; global setting added for turning the synchronization on/off for performance troubleshooting
    • Queue memory consumption fixes: a maximum threshold (default: 500MB) can be specified in the application configuration file. The Queue manager will span off new processes when the threshold is reached, limiting memory usage growth
    • Saving financial values: mapped Custom Field could cause apparent performance issues due to suboptimal design. The end-user experience has been improved, with control being restored as soon as the request is processed, while resource-intensive operations are handled asynchronously through the Queu
  • Licensing and Administration
    • The CAL compliance warning from Financial Settings and Manage License page will be displayed only on Production environments
    • Export License Information file now includes the product version and SK
  • Workflow Editor
    • Addressed issues with errors being displayed when republishing or saving a workflow that has at least one stage with On Approval transition type and the Enterprise Project Type associated to workflow does not have a Cost Tree Template assigned
    • Better handling scenarios where the PWA instance is provisioned in languages not supported by UMT Project Essentials
    • Removed “Rejection Type” options for forward compatibility with the next major release
    • Replaced the resource selection item swapper from the Edit Stage Settings popup with a resource swapper to improve performance when dealing with large number or users

Version history:

  • UMT Project Essentials
    • RTM (SP2/CU5): 1.0.4729.1000
    • CU6: 1.0.5002.100
  • UMT Project Financial Server 2010
    • RTM: 1.0.3023.1001
    • SP1: 1.0.3602.1000
    • CU1: 1.0.3825.1000
    • CU2: 1.0.4106.1000
    • CU3: 1.0.4322.1000
    • CU4: 1.0.4514.1003

Visit the version history page for version details.

Customers and Partners can download CU6 via the online portals on www.umtprojectessentials.com.