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Cumulative Update 2 (CU2) for UMT360 for SharePoint 2010

Release Announcement – Cumulative Update 2 (CU2) for UMT360 for SharePoint 2010

We are pleased to announce the release of the UMT360 for SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update 2 (CU2). UMT strongly recommends that you test this in a non-production environment first before applying in production.

  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • Added the ability to map generic resources to default allocation centers
    • Improved behavior for the Maintain Synchronized Financial Values option on persisting values at the allocation centers level
    • Persist financial structure mappings to custom fields when adding or removing financial nodes
    • Addressed issues with the Financial Timeline not being properly saved when the Project Fields web part used for updating the timeline did not include Project Name
    • Fixed issues with rows in the financial grid not being read only when linked for synchronization with schedules and resource plans
    • Addressed display issues with financial grids being resized incorrectly in the Change Request dialog
    • Extend the Select only allocation centers that include values functionality for Actuals to include all financial periods, not just the current one
    • Fixed errors with the financial grids after making changes to financial structures
    • Addressed issues with the Review Change Request dialog when using Financial Breakdowns that don’t stretch the entire timeline
    • Added the ability to select left- or right-alignment for numbers in the financial grids, with right-alignment as the default option
    • Improved handling of new lines in Change Requests and Snapshots description
  • Other
    • Added the ability to turn off workflow approval notifications
    • Improved support for Project Server’s User Delegation feature
    • Added the ability to automatically synchronize UMT360 Client Access Licenses (CALs) to user groups
    • Mappings to Custom Fields are now refreshed automatically on creation or editing
  • Performance and Reliability
    • Addressed Project Has Write Lock errors when saving Financial Breakdowns
    • Addressed queue job failures when bulk opening closed or submitted financial periods
    • Addressed issues with Change Request creation after installing Microsoft Windows update (KB2894844)
    • Improved support for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)
    • Improved Queue reliability on jobs apparently stuck as running
    • Improved Queue reliability on running multiple Data Import sessions in parallel
    • Addressed issues with updating Enterprise Associations lookup tables for users with limited Project Server permissions
    • Addressed issues with submitting Change Requests and Financial Reporting Periods for users with limited Project Server permissions
    • Addressed reliability issues on building cubes when some of the users are set to log in with Form-Based Authentication (FBA)
    • Improved reliability on building OLAP Cubes when using long cube or server names
    • Improved handling of very large numbers of Allocation Centers
    • Addressed formatting issues with Custom Fields updated via Change Requests
    • Added full support for running multiple Queue services in a farm
    • Addressed JavaScript errors with the Workflow Visualization web part when 3rd party applications override the JQuery stack
    • Addressed issues with Stage Transitions for new entities

Visit the version history page for version details.

Customers and Partners can download CU2 via the online portals on www.umt360.com. Direct download link: https://www.umt360.com/download/176c9b7f-3d66-46fa-bc3d-34419eb96600.aspx.