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Cumulative Update 1 (CU1) for UMT Project Essentials 2012

Here’s the list of fixes and improvements included:

  • Financials
    • Fixed data refresh issues for higher-level Unallocated values when data is entered at a lower detailed level
    • Fixed data refresh issues for aggregation of data to higher levels
    • Eliminated restrictions around using Financial Dimension copy when the project is in execution and values are synchronized with the schedule
    • Fixed issue with values being editable under the Total node when “Edit values for the Project only at Cost Center Level” option is checked and cost centers are removed from current view
    • Addressed issues with timeline not being correctly refreshed when the linked custom fields are updated via Project Professional
    • Changed behavior for Financial Custom Fields to be editable for the Forecast and Actuals web parts when a project is in execution
  • Performance and reliability
    • Improved startup time and reliability of the Queue service on resource-starved servers
    • Addressed reliability issues with using Data Import for updating information for a large number of projects in one session
  • API and programmability
    • Addressed issues with updating two or more exchange rates at a time via the UpdateExchangeRates method
    • Fixed error returned by the ReadTreeTemplate method with the IncludeStructure parameter set to false
    • Fixed error returned by the CreateSnapshot method when using Financial Custom Fields and snapshot templates
    • Added a Financial Custom Field changed flag (FCFValuesAreDirty) to the ChangeRequest dataset
    • Changed visibility of the TimePeriod class and constructors to public to improve time period operations
    • Added two new events:
      • OnReadWebPartProperties: triggered every time a financial web part is loaded
      • OnSavingWebPartProperties: triggered every time a financial web part is unloaded (after save or on page refresh), if any web part property is changed
  • Other
    • Globalization: addressed issue with Cost Categories disappearing from the Financial Type mappings when the locale is changed
    • Renamed the UMT Project Essentials 2012 Workflow Viewer web part to Workflow Viewer
    • The Workflow Viewer web part can now be added to projects without a workflow, or in the context of a project site
    • Addressed issues with lookup tables not being updated when creating projects based on Enterprise Project Types that have a Project Plan template assigned
    • Added granular permissions for Financial Dimension copy operations: Copy Financial Dimension, Copy from Forecast to Budget for Future Periods, Copy from Actuals to Budget for Past Periods, Copy Actuals to Forecast
    • Addressed issues with exporting data to Excel for projects with long names