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Creating A Dynamic Planning Framework & Taking Corrective Action

Part 4 in a series on how to extend the value of Microsoft Project Online & Project Server…
OK, so we’ve seen how to easy it is to integrate financials into our PPM process. We’ve recognized the importance of building robust business cases. We’ve realized that time wasted on manual reporting can be spent on more strategic activities. We should be feeling pretty good about ourselves now.

In fact, with all this newfound visibility and insight, we could do a much better job with our traditional “set-it-and-forget-it” approach to annual planning. Or, we could think about taking a step back and considering a more strategic approach. Because the needs of today’s organizations are continually changing and evolving. And investments and initiatives that might have made sense six months ago may no longer be appropriate.

Microsoft Project Online and Project Server are great for execution-oriented needs. But there are critical business planning and controls missing from those solutions. UMT360 can show you how adding these capabilities can unlock even more value from your organization’s Microsoft platform investment.

Many organizations now take a more dynamic approach to planning, one that constantly assesses the portfolio and gauges the impact of poor project performance. This approach measures budget utilization of projects and programs from a more strategic perspective. And with greater insight, they can make more informed decisions to rebalance the portfolio.

So what does this dynamic planning framework look like? Take a look at how it can streamline change requests and help to continuously optimize spend. Then let us know if that something your organization is doing.