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Better Portfolios Begin with Better Business Cases

Part 2 in a series on how to extend the value of Microsoft Project Online & Project Server…
An organization’s portfolio of projects is really a collection of strategic investments. And these investments are of course made with the expectation that they will drive better business results. Too often, not enough is done on the front-end of the PPM process to manage the demand for new investments.

But there are techniques that can help enhance those capabilities, especially for organizations using Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. For instance, in many organizations, there is often a lack of robust business cases and little structure for how projects are selected.

Microsoft Project Online and Project Server are great for execution-oriented needs. But there are critical business planning and controls missing from those solutions. UMT360 can show you how adding these capabilities can unlock even more value from your organization’s Microsoft platform investment.

This poor demand management leads to inaccurate budget estimates. And because the financial component of the selection process is often managed in Excel, there’s no rational way to govern and assess the ROI of competing requests, or determine which ones truly align with strategy.

PMOs need to begin by building stronger business cases. They need better tools to help streamline capital planning. They need a way to create integrated and accurate cost and benefit analyses. And they need coherent and consistent metrics to conduct thoughtful assessments and deliver insightful reports to help justify each investment decision.

Ideally, if you use Microsoft Project Online or Project Server, you’d be able to do this all within your PPM solution. Interested in what that might that look like? Take a look, and if you have additional thoughts or ideas on building better business cases as part of a more robust PPM process, let us know in the comments!