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360 Enterprise Connect v3.6

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of 360 Enterprise Connect v3.6. We strongly recommend that you validate these updates once they become available.

Here is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:

  • Added the ability for users to control security for individual Objects
  • Introduced a new interface which provides bi-directional data synchronization with ServiceNow
  • Significant data import performance improvements and enhanced error handling and reporting
  • Added the ability to email share a URL with another user and, if the user has access to the dataset, the system will switch the dataset in order to show the information in the URL
  • Modeling enhancements and usability improvements:
  • Reparenting has been enhanced for models that parent child relationships on the model, such as the Business Capability model
  • Fixes where the menu bar was not behaving correctly when selecting object(s) on the model
  • Fixes to the cardinality functionality of the model and the inline model, including the toolbar / menu behavior
  • Fixes to the behavior of the adornments menu on objects that allow selecting associated items for the selected object
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixes to the Assessment grid – Property Values were not saving in all cases
  • Advanced Heatmap saving has been improved
  • Model saving issue has been fixed when Autosave is enabled
  • Fixed Object names that were being truncated in Assessment gris and not tool tip was being shown
  • Fixed deleting a Value Stream with Value Stages was producing an error
  • Added missing tooltips on the menu bar
  • Removed the Viewpoint and State from the Survey header (Duplicate information)
  • Programmability
  • Performance improvements on the History OData views
  • RESTful API States and Viewpoints are now optional
  • RESTful API no longer require optional fields on PUT and POST endpoint calls
  • RESTful API updates to address issues on Properties
  • New Properties endpoint
  • Fixes to Swagger which allows the generation of classes from the Swagger json which correctly identifies the return type

Visit the UMT360 Product Version History page for version details.


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