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We’re All About Business Agility

Our unique combination of software and services – all backed by a pedigree of innovation and domain expertise – is specifically designed to help you drive business agility.

Is your business agile, or is it fragile?

A variety of factors can disrupt your business – from a new competitor to a global pandemic. In the face of any unforeseen disruption, even the smallest crack in your ability to respond could be a fatal flaw. There’s no longer a choice – the only way to eliminate this fragility is to actively adopt the strategic portfolio management capabilities necessary to help you drive business agility.

First get it all connected, then get it all aligned

Most organizations are a complex hive of activity – people, infrastructure, technology, products, etc. – with nothing connecting them to each other, let alone an overarching strategy. Most also lack any ability to continuously align all that activity with strategy. Both of these obstacles inhibit your ability to create the synergy across your business required to align all investments to the constantly moving targets they’re intended to achieve.

Strategic Portfolio Management
is the solution to keep it all humming

Fortunately, these two problems are what a comprehensive strategic portfolio management solution is specifically designed to address. Not only does it provide the business and enterprise architecture capabilities you need to create a dynamic blueprint of your entire enterprise, it also delivers the missing strategy execution & investment governance capabilities you need to more effectively align each and every investment with your strategy.

Driving business agility requires more than just software – it also requires a structured approach to guide the investment in the people, processes and, yes, the tools that can help you break down the barriers standing between you and success. And that’s what UMT360 uniquely delivers:

Start By Defining Processes & Best Practices…

Agility requires more than just an effective technology solution. That’s why UMT360 has developed an entire framework that helps clients define what’s required, then delivers a customized roadmap to help each client systematically implement the specific processes and capabilities they need to drive business transformation.

Then Add The Just Right Software Tools

Once your needs are mapped out, we will quickly implement the right tools your organization needs to achieve business agility. The good news, this is not some rigid, structured approach that forces you to adopt tools nobody will ever use. Our software is specifically designed to accommodate any client need, so rest assured your solution will be purpose-fit.

Connected Enterprise

Business architecture tools help break down silos and build a dynamic blueprint to help you see how everything comes together, enabling all business functions to share a common understanding of how their work integrates and connects across the business.

Model Capabilities & Target State

Assess current state, assess maturity and identify investment opportunities to reach target state to help your organization effectively and efficiently deliver critical business functionality at the heart of how the business operates.

Align Investment Opportunities

Investments derived from strategy are much easier to align to all expenditures (people, investments, discretionary & operational). powerful strategy execution solutions Define and communicate strategy across the enterprise to derive actionable strategic initiatives.

Strategic & Technical Roadmaps

Leverage integrated roadmaps to clearly show the relationship between strategies and from strategy to delivery.  Manage and communicate dependencies and key milestones to all stakeholders intuitively.

Tri Modal Reality

Establish the appropriate controls to ensure every team can execute in any methodology they choose (agile, waterfall, hybrid) while always maintaining visibility across progress / performance for stakeholders.

Effectively Allocate Resources

Powerful resource management tools are needed to ensure that all precious resources (people and money) are optimized at all times by moving from an annual planning to agile / dynamic / continuous planning process.

Respond to any disruption

Use strategic scenario planning, or what-if analysis tools, to help the organization understand the choices available to adjust or adapt organizational portfolios. Apply scenario planning to assets, products, capabilities, programs, projects and any other portfolio that the organization needs to manage.

Manage to Outcomes

Benefits realization and outcome management tools help organizations identify appropriate metrics for all strategies, define and apply measurement criteria, and track actual performance for both financial and non-financial metric across all work.

Don’t just listen to us

We know there’s no shortage of vendors claiming they have the answer to driving business agility. But this software vendor is telling you there is no silver bullet – no one piece of software, no consultant, that alone can make your business more agile. But don’t take our word for it, listen to the likes of respected analyst firms who cite us in their research, recognize emerging trends, and advise their clients that the key to business agility is the combination of executional excellence coupled with robust strategic portfolio management capabilities.

Ready to unleash your business agility?

Business agility is impossible without strategic portfolio management, and strategic portfolio management is what UMT360 does. In fact, we wrote the eBook on it.  And it’s something we can help you deliver – with culture, focus, process, education and yes, a little bit of integrated software. So, let’s get started!

How Can UMT360 Help You?