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About UMT360

Experts in Strategic Portfolio Management

It takes a unique combination of software and services – all backed by a pedigree of innovation and domain expertise – to deliver business agility.

Is your business agile
or is it just adrift?

Business agility isn’t a choice, it’s a fundamental requirement for driving business performance. Compare a jet ski – that can turn on a dime – to a big oil tanker, plodding ahead regardless of conditions. By the time you see the rocks, it could be too late to change course. And if your business still relies on the same old processes and tools – like that proverbial tanker – it risks becoming the next big cautionary tale.

What’s stopping you from driving business agility?

Most businesses are really just a complex collection of disconnected silos – with nothing connecting and aligning assets (people, infrastructure, technology, products) to each other, or to strategy. Lacking visibility and insight makes it hard to create synergy across your business. And nearly impossible to align investments to the constantly moving targets they’re intended to achieve.

Advantages of Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic portfolio management is more than just software – it requires a structured approach to guide the investment in the people, processes and, yes, the tools that can help you break down the barriers standing between you and business agility. That’s where UMT360 can provide something unique – more than just an effective technology solution – an entire framework that defines what each client requires, then systematically provides a roadmap to help every client more effectively:

Connect all the silos

Establish the business architecture that provides visibility into all the moving parts of the business. Breaking down silos between disconnected functions provides a view into how everything comes together, enabling all business functions to share a common understanding of how their work integrates and connects with all other work on all initiatives at all times.

Align all investments with strategy

Define and communicate strategic priorities across the organization so that every stakeholder can take the appropriate action. This ensures that all areas of the business have the visibility and understanding needed to manage to a common set of goals and objectives at all times

Align & optimize resources

When all investment is derived from strategy, it’s much easier to align all expenditures (people and investments, discretionary and operational), and ensure that all people and every dollar is invested in the right work at the right time while continuously refining and adjusting as actual information replaces assumptions and forecasts.

Orchestrate strategic roadmaps at macro level

Leverage integrated roadmaps to clearly show the relationship between strategies and from strategy to delivery.  Manage and communicate dependencies and key milestones to all stakeholders intuitively.

Manage to clearly defined outcomes

Identify appropriate metrics for all strategies, define and apply measurement criteria, and track actual performance for both financial and non-financial metric across all work.

Respond to any disruption

Use strategic scenario planning, or what-if analysis, to help the organization understand the choices available to adjust or adapt organizational portfolios. Scenario planning can be applied to assets, products, capabilities, programs, projects and any other portfolio that the organization needs to manage.

Strategic portfolio management is the combination of effective technology guided by a proven framework for success.

You need a proven framework
combined with powerful tools

Clearly, something is needed to help you see everything you’re doing, ensure it’s all aligned to your strategy, and provide the insight and capabilities required to alter course at a moment’s notice. This isn’t a fundamental rethinking of your business, it’s simply an evolution of how you already manage your strategic planning and execution process. Strategic Portfolio Management represents a more focused investment in the strategic planning and governance approach – something that has been lacking in many organizations for many years.

Don’t just listen to us

We know there’s no shortage of vendors claiming they have the answer to driving business agility. But this software vendor is telling you there is no silver bullet – no one piece of software, no consultant, that alone can make your business more agile. But don’t take our word for it, listen to the likes of Gartner and Forrester, who are advising their clients that the key to business agility is the combination of executional excellence coupled with robust strategic portfolio management capabilities.

Ready to unleash your business agility?

Business agility is impossible without strategic portfolio management, and strategic portfolio management is what UMT360 does. In fact, we wrote the eBook on it.  And it’s something we can help you deliver – with culture, focus, process, education and yes, a little bit of integrated software. So, let’s get started!