UMT360 Partner Testimonials

Check out what our partners are saying about UMT360.

"IPMO decided to become a UMT360 partner since UMT360 bridges the gap of Project Server's out of the box functionality and what our customers require in regards to cost benefit management. IPMO customers benefit from our UMT360 partnership because we can quickly implement features that would otherwise require costly custom development, enabling a quicker return on investment to our customers. The support IPMO receives from UMT360 if issues occur is quick, professional and diligent."

Marc Soester

"Our customers benefit from our partnership with UMT360 because it allows us to add the most important of all project controls: the financials. Project Server is an excellent platform to manage and steer all of an organizations projects and programmes. By adding the financial controls of UMT360, we offer our clients a value proposition which helps them really steer the project portfolio and make well-informed decisions on what it is all about: money!"

Lex van Zonneveld

"Our partnership with UMT360, combined with our PPM Custom Cloud offering, enables our customers to have visibility into the true costs and financial benefits of their of projects, so they can make better decisions and optimize their portfolios."

Scott Chapman