Harnessing Insight to Reclaim Lost Portfolio Value

Most organizations do not effectively execute on their strategies. In fact, unreliable planning, poor financial insight and a lack of visibility across portfolios could be eroding up to 46% of the planned business value from project and program investments.

With little to no visibility or insight across all initiatives, it’s difficult to effectively evaluate which investments should or shouldn’t be included in strategic roadmaps. Critical factors contributing to the erosion of value include:

  • Ad hoc project demand produces portfolios that are not aligned with strategy
  • An inability to dynamically adjust plans or reallocate budget as conditions change
  • No effective framework to help assess whether the results were achieved
Gain Financial Insight

With the addition of proper business planning and control, organizations gain the insights needed to align execution with strategy. This enables them to move beyond the traditional set-it-and-forget-it approach of annual planning to gauge the economic impact of inflight initiatives and dynamically reallocate funds on-the-fly to further transform enterprise investment management across their program and project portfolios.