5 Steps for Transforming Enterprise Investment Management

Digitalization is key to transforming and mastering enterprise investment management. Leading organizations understand that connecting portfolios and integrating critical financial intelligence across the enterprise is at the heart of a powerful Enterprise Portfolio Management platform.

UMT360’s experience working with Fortune 1000 companies has consistently demonstrated the power of aligning strategy with execution. The key to maximizing business value from strategic initiatives starts with these 5 steps.

By integrating portfolios with strategy, you can develop a dynamic blueprint of your organization’s operating fabric. This drives visibility across every activity that consumes scarce resources – business capability, program, IT asset and project – providing a direct line of sight from strategy to execution.

Aggregating financials provides insight that transcends the static chart of accounts view of transactional ERP systems. With access to timely and accurate operational and strategic spend data, companies can derive cost of ownership, streamline budgeting and forecasting, and track performance of assets and initiatives.

Understanding capabilities is a key to executing on strategy. Collaboration with stakeholders helps identify poor performing capabilities and pinpoints required improvement programs. The result is a higher quality of enterprise demand. Capturing investment decisions in transformation multi-year roadmaps provides a comprehensive view across all demand and helps gauge the cross portfolio impact of proposed changes.

Automated tools constantly track performance to identify underperforming projects and programs. Continuous alignment is ensured through periodic assessments, which deliver the insight required to quickly take corrective action. Funds are dynamically reallocated, spend is optimized and ROI is maximized – across the portfolio.

Many investments fail to meet revenue, cost reduction and avoidance targets. A robust benefits realization framework can quickly identify each investment’s strategic impact, driving appropriate action. A vigorous look-back process drives accountability, encourages realistic estimates and captures lessons learned to inform process improvements.

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